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Make great hiring decisions

Data and insight driven interviews • Enhanced candidate experience • Guidance for interviewers

Assess Hire provides a seamless process for pre-employment assessment of interview candidates, so that you have all the information to truly get to know each candidate and their unique strengths and contributions at interview. And giving the candidate a great experience, building engagement through the recruitment process.

How It Works?


Assess candidates

Invite candidates to take the short accurate personality questionnaire which correlates exactly with MBTI


Superb candidate experience

Candidates receive their personality profile instantly so that they immediately are presented with valuable feedback


Insight, support and targeted advice for interviewers

A wealth of data and resources online and downloadable to help interviewers prepare for an informed, insightful conversation.

How We Do It?

For each candidate the interviewer receives


Their full personality profile

Explaining their personality characteristics, strengths, development areas, approach to work, best fit careers and work environments so you can really understand how they tick and what they would be like to with and how to bring out the best in them.


Tailored interview questions

To key in on specific personality traits and encourage the candidate to authentically and honestly describe what they are like, how they work and their experiences. Do they overplay aspects of their personality? How do they deal with those weaker aspects?


Statistical analysis of their personality profile

How did they score themselves? What do their personality scores mean in practice?


Integration and development advice

If they are the right person for the role, how can we get them off to a good start in the job and the team? And where might they need support to develop? What’s the best way for them to learn?


support for creating a brilliant interview process, including

Guidance on running an interview process

Information and tips to help it all run smoothly

Advice on interview techniques

Interview questions, questioning techniques, how to drill in deeper at interview

Video course on understanding personality type

An introduction to Jungian personality assessment to give you a practical working knowledge of personality types and what they mean in the ‘real world’.