Simply scientific

Underpinned by science, yet really simple to use, and easy to understand. All the science is in there, under the hood, so your focus can be on using the outputs to hire the right candidate.

Based on the work of Swiss Psychiatrist, CG Jung, Personality Type is a way of understanding people as individuals, their strengths, what they bring to the team, how they best learn, what motivates them, how to get the most out of them, the areas where they may struggle, etc. And it doesn’t stop there, the system provides some detailed information on how best to onboard successful hires, based on their personalities.

The Assess-Hire Introversion-Extraversion scale more accurately reflects the distinction between extraversion and introversion than the MBTI®” Assessed

Why assess?

To provide us with real life data to explore at interview, non-generic stuff, information relating purely to that individual, so it has far more meaning and relevance, and shows that you are interested in them as a person.

Should we put people in boxes?

We are all unique! People, like organisations, are like some other people, all other people and no other people. It is by 'putting people in boxes' that we can begin to understand them and then 'take them out of the box.' The 'box' is a starting point, a structured prompt for discussion, not the end point.

Do you make decisions based on the assessment results?

No, it is more about using all the information as a basis to create the right conditions for an open and honest discussion. It is through having such an open conversation that we ensure we make the right hiring decisions.

Candidate experience

The psychological underpinning allows candidates to see their own personality profiles, so increasing their own self-awareness and understanding.