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Use personality assessment to get it right! Informed interviews • Targeted interview questions • Revealing answers • Brilliant hiring decisions

Hire more effectively

The success of your organisation depends on employing great people. Assess-Hire provides insightful information to help you hire the right, motivated people who can make a real difference to your business.

It pays to make the right hiring decisions

A whopping 85% of HR decision makers say that their organisation has made a bad choice to hiring an employee. And hiring a new employee is an expensive process, with the cost of recruiting again for the position, and the added cost of the impact and stresses on the team and the project.

The cost of recruiting the wrong mid-level manager is typically £132,015 or $180,929.34, made up of wasted salary, training, lost productivity of the new employee and the team (Recruitment and Employment Confederation).

Assess-Hire reduces this risk, to ensure you’re getting the right person for the role and that they will fit in with your existing team.

Switching subjectivity for science

Many managers and HR leaders worry about how to interview and struggle with interview techniques. It’s true that the interview process is a subjective experience, with hirers forming strong opinions about a candidate’s personality, suitability and habits from an hour-long meeting.

The selection process can be greatly enhanced by introducing some science into the equation. With our online personality assessment software, you can discover the unique personalities and experiences of each of your candidates so you can objectively understand how each candidate will approach the role, what their unique contribution will be and how they will integrate into the team.

Lead insightful interviews and uncover the uniqueness of each candidate

This pre-employment assessment provides tailored interview questions to help you better understand each candidate, what they will add to your team dynamics and how they can best drive your business. Get a full analysis of each candidate, enabling you to have a complete view of each person. Learn more about interview techniques and understand the best practices for how to interview.



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